The Sneaky Ingredients in Seasonings

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We use seasonings in almost every dish we make. We have an array of spices and even our own herb garden to get fresh herbs from to spice up our food and add flavor. However, sometimes we relied on some all-purpose seasonings for convenience. I found two seasonings still in my pantry and was surprised when I flipped them over to read the ingredients. They should just be a combination of spices, right? Well, I posted recently about how store-bought taco seasoning is one of the most unhealthy things you can buy because it contains fillers and MSG. After creating my own recipe for taco seasoning, I checked a few other all-purpose seasonings that I had on hand. Unfortunately, I will be tossing out our Everglades seasoning and Greek seasoning and only homemade spice mixes and fresh herbs from now on will be going on our food. Processed seasoning mixes are not to be trusted.

I love Greek seasoning on potatoes! Imagine how disappointed I was when I turned the canister around and saw the ingredients. The 3rd ingredient is corn starch which is mostly GMO and the 5th ingredient is monosodium glutamate (MSG)! MSG is an excitotoxin that has been linked to adverse events such as migraines, seizures, ADHD, heart palpitations, and many others. MSG is a flavor enhancer and is added to many packaged foods; it is hidden almost everywhere! The 7th listed ingredient is flavor base seasoning which includes hydrolyzed corn soy protein. Corn and soy and the two biggest GMO foods and “hydrolyzed” is indicative of having more MSG. So my Greek seasoning is mostly salt, GMOs, MSG, and a few spices mixed in. We will be using our own spice mix from now on or our fresh herbs like oregano!


Ingredients in our seasonings. Everglades seasoning on the top, Greek seasoning on the bottom.

Ingredients in our seasonings. Everglades seasoning on the top, Greek seasoning on the bottom.


I also found Everglades seasoning in our pantry. When looking at the ingredients, I found salt first, and then the generic “spices.” The third ingredient was our good friend MSG again. No wonder these seasonings make the food so tasty. Too bad they cause you to feel awful after eating with headaches and other effects to your body. If you are curious, the last ingredient on the list is papain which is used as a meat tenderizer and is extracted from unripe papayas. I had to look that one up 😉

So let this be a lesson to check the ingredients on EVERYTHING, even when you think it should be so straight forward (Ugh, like the corn syrup solids and corn filler I found in roasted peanuts when I went pantry crashing!) We still enjoy flavorful food, but now I either make my own combinations with single ingredient spices that we have on hand or I use fresh herbs like dill, oregano, and basil in my recipes.


  1. Ron Berg on said:

    I can’t find any empirical studies linking msg to much of anything adverse. It is a natural ingredient in many common foods, such as soy sauce, fermented foods, and even cheese. Even “Chinese restaurant syndrome” thought to be linked to excessive msg, has never been proven, even in studies involving individuals who claimed to be extremely sensitive to msg. I doubt many ingredients have been more rigorously tested and retested than monosodium glutamate. Can you direct me to a study or studies that support your contention?

    • If you go to Google Scholar and search “monosodium glutamate” there are pages and pages of studies showing adverse effects of MSG. When MSG is naturally in food, it isn’t as much of a problem. My issue is that it gets added to almost every packaged food available on the grocery store shelves. Do Goldfish crackers and canned soup need large amount of MSG added? It is added only to enhance the flavor since food processing strips away most taste. Monosodium glutamate is a very dose-dependent compound and unfortunately, we really don’t need it in everything. I try to feed my family food that is as close to its source as possible and added MSG just doesn’t fit that philosophy.

  2. Vince Howard on said:

    In an effort to serve those with msg allergies, everglades seasoning offers a no msg low salt version of their product. Check it out!

  3. Famous Jorge on said:

    Hydrolyzed Soy Protein contains a genotoxin 3MCPD which can genetically modify 7 generations even if none of your future generations ever touched it. Usually it takes several months to naturally breakdown soy. Using hydrochloric acid allows them to break it down in under 3 days.

  4. Famous Jorge on said:

    If you ever need to research food or additives just feel free to contact me. I am the professor of everything you need to know.

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